Monday, October 31, 2011


Can it be that it’s still
Evening or is it really
Morning settling ‘round
Me as a jealous mist
Enfolding me like a
Mother does her son
Holding me close to her
Breast smothering me
In mystery fending off
The day of who knows
What may bring could
Be good fortune could
Be good riddance when
The light’s turned on
What’s been revealed
Ain’t always an option
We would choose but
It don’t matter anyway
It’s all just ordinary


Sunday, October 30, 2011


& fallen angels are crying
For the length of the storm
Then it’s over like a life left
Unborn ‘til the tree is bare
Of leaves covered in wind
& weightless concerns with
Out knowing who passes
By nor recognized of place
In a world that’s stopped
Mid revolution in a reversal
Of fortune while the lonely
Fiddle saws a sorrowful
Lament & old bones tap
Dance on a stage built of
Gnarled roots & regret as
You reap so have you
Sown so are you


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It’s the tea time of my
Soul when I reach for
Sugar but settle for salt
When it’s equidistant
Between bewildered
& acceptance I’ve lost
My point of view but I
Don’t dwell on it not
Anymore too much
Sand has settled on
The bottom too much
Life's consumed by
Wishes & now the
Tea has grown cold
& bitter maybe I'll
Switch to coffee
& rice cakes


Monday, October 24, 2011


Twice the day begins anew
Without any rain & not much
Aggravation standing in line
Being the only stone in my
Shoe & even then surrounded
By family so’s to make it more
Tolerable & laughter to mask
Our fear of bees we rode the
Wagon deep into the woods
Horses pulled us thru water
& mud becoming children all
Amongst sheltering trees of
Autumn bare & yet some
Occasioned colorful still the
Air breathed clean & sky
Empty of all but blue as
Once again I found myself
In a different wood taking the
Dog for a walk on a path of
Stone & steel & even though
Exceptional the day finally
Ends with me on my couch
& you on yours blaming the
Dog for all manner of snorts
& snores when really I think
It was you all along


Thursday, October 20, 2011


The air was crystal
The night was acid

The stars were yellow
As jaundiced eyes

The moon was a bowl
Of mother's milk

The grass was green
& sharp as guilt &

Desire was damp as
The morning dew

Love was a heart
Shining thru the palm

Of your hand & flesh
Was no obstacle


Monday, October 17, 2011


See how the world has come
Alive with biblical visions
Advertised at select locations
Nationwide for a sojourn in
Armageddon submitting
Predictions in the voice of
Invention few can ever afford
Like food to fill the fatted
Calf while rumors of mass
Consumption cough & laugh
Celebrating a myth no one
Believes in anymore but it
Keeps the economy satisfied
So long as it remains mostly
Convenient while Debt waits
With a festive face ‘cause
Someone always jumps the
Gun & spooks the anxious
Herd into suggestion


Sunday, October 16, 2011


In between the layers
In between the sheets
Winding towards some
Unknown destination
Awaiting the great re
Awakening meanwhile
The lights flicker & the
Dogs howl without any
Obvious reason still
Giving us presence


Friday, October 7, 2011


The winter of my dis
Content has not yet
Arrived & already
More snow than usual
Is predicted these are
The kinds of prophecy
That drive me mad
Why spoil my autumnal
Interlude my season of
Joy with an armchair
Weather report fore
Casting the onslaught
Of Hell now they blame
The groundhog so's I'm
Afraid to see my own
Silhouette & if I can't
See my shadow how
Am I to know the
Direction my day will
Eventually take


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Checkin’ Bob* for ticks
Rufflin’ his feathers for
Signs of alien parasites
While walkin’ thru the
Woods takin' steps to
Insure nothin’ hops a
Board ridin' his bones
Like ridin' the rails &
Beggin’ for a hand out
Knee deep in another
Depression & Bob just
Ain’t got no tolerance
For bums with a taste
For his blood & if I find
Any I give ‘em a burial
At sea / eventually / if
You know what I mean


*my dog

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bad Bascomb

Once again I commune
With those lost souls
Empty spirits occupying
The flesh of innocent by
Standers standing by un
Til these moments of
Technical difficulty are
Resolved re-animating
The Zombies or at least
Changing the channel to
A Wallace Beery movie
Now he knew how to
Make pathos funny with
Or w/out Marjorie Main


Monday, October 3, 2011


pumpkins pokin’ their heads
thru the soil like the dead
takin’ one last look around
to see if anything’s changed
if anything’s different puttin’
their orange noggins within
the guillotine’s reach for one
last gasp of a life left behind
given over to the knife & the
flame to the haunt of



The writing on the wall reads like
Carnage mixed with white wash
Seeping into the cracks dripping
Into words then fading thru the
Light of day 'til it finally becomes
Nothing more than insinuation
Just tea leaves in the bottom of
A chipped cup somebody once
Rescued from a junk shop & I’ve
Not the gift of interpretation of
Speaking the language of angels
Amongst demons & such as in
Habit this world with only black
Ink in their veins to compose
Ruinous obituaries & stumped
Teeth to worry the entrails of
Unanswered prayers



Playin’ notes in between
The ones everybody hears
Playin’ notes make you
Cry for no apparent reason
A subliminal message no
One can ever explain like
Dreaming of another person
Sleeping dreaming of me & I
Guess it needs no clarification
Lives intertwined as a thread
Of conversation how do I
Know if I’ve won or lost do
I just roll over & go back to
Sleep with a song like some
Continuous loop unravelin’
In my head never knowing
If I'm alive or only dreaming
Still grateful for the ride



Observing a deer in
The cemetery avoiding
Headlights lying on a
Grave in pastoral repose
In compose of a poem
‘Midst the famous & in
Famous the political &
Reverential like a stained
Glass window in a Tiffany
Frame of mind listening
To the wind play in the
October trees no hint of
Gunpowder only traces
Of death scented peace
& tranquility molded in
Stone & marble veiled
Under obscure leaves
Of memory