Monday, October 24, 2011


Twice the day begins anew
Without any rain & not much
Aggravation standing in line
Being the only stone in my
Shoe & even then surrounded
By family so’s to make it more
Tolerable & laughter to mask
Our fear of bees we rode the
Wagon deep into the woods
Horses pulled us thru water
& mud becoming children all
Amongst sheltering trees of
Autumn bare & yet some
Occasioned colorful still the
Air breathed clean & sky
Empty of all but blue as
Once again I found myself
In a different wood taking the
Dog for a walk on a path of
Stone & steel & even though
Exceptional the day finally
Ends with me on my couch
& you on yours blaming the
Dog for all manner of snorts
& snores when really I think
It was you all along


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