Monday, November 28, 2011


The break wall stumbles
In need of repair as waves
Insist against it


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Walkin’ thru the woods
Lookin’ at fallen trees &
Dislocated limbs & old
Scrub as if I was walkin’
Down the hallowed hall
Ways & alleyways of a
Museum the rich patinas
Of weather & age ‘midst
The music of birds & the
Raspy whisper of fragile
Leaves bein’ blown about
With nary a ‘do not touch’
Sign nor gibberish docent
Found amongst the lot
Hell I could even step be
Hind the nearest bush &
Take a piss try doin’ that
In a natural history


Friday, November 25, 2011


Life is like finding a curly
Hair floating in your soup
Some people order a new
Bowl & some pick the
Offending strand out &
Continue slurping today
I ate a piece of apple pie
Suspected of having
Acquired mold yet given
In good faith it tasted
Fine to me & even should
I get sick the sacrifice
Was worth the well being
Of the one what brought it
Sometimes the elephant
In the room is made



Looking out my window it
Recollects me of Easter
Grey / rainy / windy / cold
There have been occasions
Of sun & warmth forgotten
Days of color lost in the
Gloom of sentiment hiding
Behind a cloud sometimes
It’s easier to reflect after
The mirror gets broken into
Sharp prisms of solitude
Focusing on each shard
What’s depicted inside
One shade at a time


Monday, November 21, 2011

Losing ground(s)

How much more pointless
Tragedy can we take how
Much more horse shit will
Cover the road before we
Have to walk in the ditch
How much darkness will
Cloud the atmosphere be
Fore the sun becomes
Another dead star in our
Sky & how much longer
Do I have to drink this
Generic brand of coffee
Waiting for prices to
Come back down so
I can drink the good
Stuff again


Sunday, November 20, 2011

...all else is golden

We dream & it comes true yet
So vague as to seem unrealized
Until the switch is thrown & the
Arc connects spanning the chasm
Of darkness now illuminated by
A sickly yellow light coated in
Charred wings dripping deadly
Sparks of madness & recognition
Listen to the tin can echoes of
A hollow symphony displaced of
All reason by the bitter boots of
Revelation & the ragged ass
Remnants of human depravity
No one sleeps in these soggy
Boxes anymore awake to the
Sound of empty bottles breaking
Against the walls like Molotov
Cocktails in the last battle of
Consumption no one sleeps here
Anymore awake to the cries
Of lonely jackals starving for
The night when silence loses
Its worth…


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poor taste

Think I’ll put on an ugly
Sports coat & go out in
Public anything for a
Laugh have to be more
Overt since my scent of
Humor is often sniffed
At as one dog inhales
Another seeking out the
Truth no one likes to be
Made a fool of except
Me with me it’s become
A full time occupation &
I must admit I’m getting
Pretty good at it hence
The sports coat but I
Draw the line at a frizzy
Wig & bulbous clown
Nose old age is much
Better at caricature
Than I am


Sunday, November 13, 2011


This world scares me
Not the big stuff you
See on TV but people
The average guy walking
Down the street just look
In his eyes he’s got crazy
Eyes the eyes of Satan
It’s windy & cold & his
Shirt’s unbuttoned & he’s
Spitting out the side of
His mouth like he’s on
Crack or something & his
Mouth's so dry he could
Drink the urine of a woman
Ain’t that some crazy shit
& that’s just outside my
Front door I could get in
My car & drive somewhere
& see some really crazy
Shit you know but screw
That I ain't gonna do that
I’m just gonna sit here on
My futon in my bathrobe
& stare out this window
‘Cause I’m about the
Only normal son of a
Bitch on this street


Saturday, November 12, 2011


An old wooden organ cranks
Up like a biplane ready for
Take off & not enough run
Way a bit asthmatic yet part
Of its rusticity classically
Transpired like Bach on acid
& what is this joy of man’s
Desiring with notes like bugs
Under a microscope that no
Longer squirm aimlessly they
Are small & fit into almost any
Thing a pocket a plastic bag
A bottle found in an alleyway
Only awaiting a small taste
Of redemption or at least
An audience


Abort II

Automatic external
Paralleling contactor
Closed load connected
Spectrum reinforced
Transfer test complete
Reset to source
Malfunction indicated
Emergency breaker
Engaged / disengaged
Proceed to exit


Thursday, November 10, 2011


The sun breaks thru the
Clouds in a stained glass
Window & breathes life
Into the many different
Colors re-animated from
Symbols & scenes of hard
Beauty whether religious
Or mythological secular
Or spiritual conforming
To the weld & wood while
Open to interpretation
& sentiment like the moon
Caught on a fishing line
Gaping at baited stars


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Trespassing the wood in
A bombardment of leaves
Like brittle confetti filtering
Light thru the clear brown
Bottle of autumn & I am
Drenched in it I am drunk
On it all the sounds &
Scents like hops & grains
To make a fine ale I can
Taste it as a man does a
Woman a sensuous elixir
Infesting my memory with
All the intoxication of a
Youth well spent on the
Desires of age


Monday, November 7, 2011

Sour grapes

Counting out his money
Like he’s living a home

Less dream saving for
A reason he’s too afraid

To spend in remission
Of sins or disease no

Matter what clings to
The vine born in the

Womb of abandon the
Sprout of a seething



Saturday, November 5, 2011


Rummaging thru the
Cemetery searching
For some history for
A revenant of ornery
Relation to intimate
Some connection a
Lost vile of anecdote
Else I’m just another
Dependent on the
Slip of chatterous


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Moments of greatness
Inspired now ignored
Buried in books under
Pages for ever ear
Marked & duly noted
In the margins left on
Some dusty shelf in
Some dusty library
Awaiting destruction’s
Indelicate pendulum
Swing & even Edgar
Couldn’t have fore
Seen from the pit of
Untimely demise
How the gleam of
Blunted blade
Blinds us all