Sunday, November 13, 2011


This world scares me
Not the big stuff you
See on TV but people
The average guy walking
Down the street just look
In his eyes he’s got crazy
Eyes the eyes of Satan
It’s windy & cold & his
Shirt’s unbuttoned & he’s
Spitting out the side of
His mouth like he’s on
Crack or something & his
Mouth's so dry he could
Drink the urine of a woman
Ain’t that some crazy shit
& that’s just outside my
Front door I could get in
My car & drive somewhere
& see some really crazy
Shit you know but screw
That I ain't gonna do that
I’m just gonna sit here on
My futon in my bathrobe
& stare out this window
‘Cause I’m about the
Only normal son of a
Bitch on this street


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