Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Oxidized tears stain
Corroded cheeks
Leaked from blind
Eyes that stare into
The flame of death
Remembers shadows
Dance thru the pain
Of years knowing
Only nothing can be
Done or undone like
A poem that can’t be
Written for fear of
Life here & after


Monday, May 28, 2012

On the mend

Contrary contraptions
& rusted relics missed

Conceptions & crusted
People & words make

No sense left too long
In the rain running like

A river drowned out
By the train rattling the

Dishes disturbing the
Clocks while old paint

Hides recent mistakes
Worm hole to nail hole

The pendulum stops
For silence sake


Monday, May 14, 2012

The last luxury

Has no agenda has no
Rules or ritual winging
It from day to day & yet
More satisfying than the
Confinement of fiscal
Responsibility free to
Get on with the art of
Living & spontaneity
W/out profit or margin
Poorer & yet richer in
The wealth of the


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Five months later
Filling up my days
Sleeping good at
Night fiddling while
Rome burns keeps
Me busy keeps me
Sane still looking at
Life thru the filter
Of inspiration still
Finding meaning
In the minutiae of
Familiarity in the
Minutes between
The hours waiting
For those hidden
Notes of beauty
To surface when
All the pieces fit if
Only for a moment
The world makes
Sense again & the
Puzzle has no need
Of its missing piece


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Render of clouds

Trying not to blink in a wide
Eyed world trying not to miss
What others see or lose
Interest in what used to be
Such a wonderment before
The years evaporate like rain
In a tropical storm moving
Off in the gathering distance
& one last chance dripping
From a rain sodden leaf
Surprised of any occurrence
Like the sword of Damocles
Attached by a single nag’s
Hair & slowly spun as words
Writ on paper or emotions
Etched in wood succumbing
To the flames & faces haunt
The embers set aglow in
The smoke of childlike


The wind & I

A few weeks ago the wind had
Blown over a termite Infested
Tree at the end of our property
So I chiseled away at the un
Sightly stump ‘til not much was
Left but a jagged sliver whittled
Beyond any recognition & as I
Broke off the last haggard shard
I experienced a reluctant sense
Of accomplishment mixed with
A burdensome melancholy &
Even though well & thoroughly
Powdered in woodchips & saw
Dust I felt myself exposed like
A mad tongue exploring an
Empty socket there amongst
Nature & all for a better view
Of the forest


Friday, May 4, 2012

...plain sight

We’re most of us guilty
Of something just like
Original sin it’s in our
Bones it’s in our blood
Propagating faith like
Fresh fertilizer clever
Yet so blatant as to
Be blinding & you don’t
Want to study on it for
Fear it might rend your
Belief into tattered bits
Of a rhetoric so foul it
Sticks to your soul be
Coming the sour mash
Of bitter fruit left too
Long in the decaying
Fields of hunger
Hiding in...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Skippin’ thru the pages inside
My head eyes closed tight to
Block out the light as the years
Roll back in black & white & the
Only color’s blood like a dream
Or a feeling that gets me to stop
To watch what unfolds me from
This boredom blooming flowers
In pale shades of grey disturbin’
Black & white so’s I don’t know
The origin only the story & that’s
More than enough for a kid in a
Comic book world who can't
Always afford the next issue
Only wallow in anticipation