Wednesday, July 18, 2012


An occupied man walks
Across an empty street
The wind blows leaves
Like locusts rattling their
Wings not in approval
More an unconscious
Manifestation of the
Season the man takes
No notice the wind never
Blew any luck his way
Nor fortune of any kind
A dog barks & nothing
Changes upon reaching
The other side the man
Sneezes reaches into
His pocket for a hand
Kerchief & wipes his
Nose he resumes his
Walk along a deserted
Stretch of sidewalk
Seeming oblivious to
The darkest shadows
Marring his solitude
Like clouds across
The moon fleeting &
Yet somehow inciting
His guilty conscious
To hurry anxious to
Reach its finality


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The pest

Death hovers around me
Taps me on my shoulder
Whispers unintelligible
Into my ear it cools me in
Its shadow in its absence
Of light yet I wave it aside
As an insect bedeviling
For no good reason only
Reinforcing the presence
Of uncertain possibility &
The result of a life lived
In spite of itself counting
Itself blessed to have
Known redemption


Monday, July 9, 2012


The scribes are busy writing
In the sand of all the prayers
Gone unknelt unheard un
Absolved the tide quickly
Absorbs what bread’s broken
Under cover of darkness a
Stolen kiss on the cheek is
Indelibly marked by zealous
Betrayal sprouts nothing but
Weeds from unbaptized
Seeds left hanging from an
Emaciated tree swaying in
The heat of someone else’s
Passion twisting & turning
In the wind of a solar after
Noon waiting for the tide to
Return the sea to return
That which was lost 'midst
A sailor’s sad adventure