Monday, November 26, 2012


The moon is small & yellow
& hides in a leafless tree
Like a strange clock w/out
Need of hands for it knows
Down to the very second &
Plenty of it to dangle before
Me as a last gasp does a
Dying man & who could
Take a photograph of such
A moon who could endure
The very possession of
It for what man can live such
A life incessantly reminded
Of his last exhalation & so
Perhaps I’ll simply save
This memory for when
That time comes I shall
Need it to sit beside that
Yellow moon & silently
Peer between the


Thursday, November 22, 2012


With creases in his
Forehead like the
River Nile branching
Out in all directions
Yet dry as the sands
Of the Sahara drifting
Down dune sharpened
Cheeks occasionally
Suffering a nomadic
Tear just another wary
Creature in search of
An oasis watching for
Any movement in the
Undulating distance
Searching any idea to
Sustain or refrain him
Of all he’d ever borne
Together or alone as
Footprints erase from
The ever shifting
Mirage of life


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The joy of gathering
The pain of dispersing
The peace of emptiness
Both before & after the
Tumult of in-between
Where storms reside
& electrics paint pretty
Pictures in liquid colors
Of sensuous desire


Friday, November 16, 2012


This year some Holidays
Are gettin’ cancelled one
Or two won’t hardly be
Missed there’s a lot of
Pain to be dealt with this
Year lot of anxiety & fear
& prayers to be murmured
Under yer breath to who
Ever’s still payin’ attention
Whoever’s still payin’ the
Bills this year’s a notice of
Eviction a conviction of
The last year lingerin’ &
Layin’ up for any occasion
To dispossess & disperse
& it sure plays hell with yer
Joie de vivre no matter
How you pronounce it