Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Once upon a time

Used to have an apartment
So much happened there
That nothin’ ever did just
Layin’ about gettin’ wasted
Laughin’ about nothin’ like
A bunch of lunatics in a
Crazy house pissin’ on the
Walls scarin’ the neighbors
Sometimes scarin’ ourselves
Now I sit in my comfortable
Home watchin’ people walk
Their dogs water their lawn
Worryin’ about shit don’t
Matter to stave off the shit
That does & I’m drinkin’ day
Old coffee to keep my edge
‘Cause I know I’m losin’ it
Whatever once I thought I
Had a little at a time like a
Faucet’s drip keeping time
To a song I can’t get outa
My head still crazy after
All these years


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