Saturday, January 28, 2012


Planes fly low above
The houses reflecting
Sun off iced over wings
Into their eyes into their
Lives some light intrudes
Like interludes of some
Where else where some
One else finally arrives
Discovering a different
World beneath the wheels
Touching down right on
Schedule or not & none
Come out to greet them
It’s just too damn hot
To worry about they’ll be
Airborne soon enough
Drinking white wine with
The stewardess while
Those below shield their
Eyes against the glare
Head back inside turn on
The TV to dream between
Commercials about a new
Refrigerator with an ice
Maker & water spigot
Recessed in the door


Heliacal rising

Sometimes it’s just a small
Light that finds your way a
Struck match in a crowded
Room a street lamp hovering
In the fog of fear or a bright
Smile in a dark alley grinning
Predatory to eat your worry
To swallow your fright all the
Missed conceptions all the
Wronged perceptions that
Disturb you that glint in the
Eye of some stranger that
Unnerves you doesn’t mean
He’s misleading you maybe
He’s only pleading you to
Understand he needs some
Light shed for him too


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It all gets
Under an
Of grey sky
It all gets
Soaked up
Side down
In a taut
Skeletal bowl
Inverted like
A kite that’s
Lost its bound
Tail dragging
On the wet &
Foot prints
Sucked into
Grey muck &
Of any return


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Twenty years & twenty
Doesn’t sound so long
Ago as forty & barely
Felt the wind against
My face thawed by the
Sun lulled to sleep by
A moon caught lookin’
In a mirror mimicking
The creature I used to
Believe the lies I used
To reprieve the truth
Haunting me now that
Sarcasm no longer
Keeps me young & a
Sun that outshines
The moon lulls me
Awake after twenty
Years & twenty
After all


Monday, January 16, 2012


What is a ghost but a
Shadow cast on the
Moon lit snow a hasty
Reflection unfocused
In a dirty window just
A machination of an
Imagination so afraid
Of itself as to convert
Regret into revenants
For none were ever
Experienced w/joy &
None ever entreated
Return yet reappear
They do sometimes
Even unnoticed by
Their timid creators
Hauntingly silent


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Catching up to where
I had once & long ago
Gone paddling faster



Head on a pike
Crow on a wire
Eye to eye yet
One flies away
While clouds
Pass leisurely
By & beckon a
Sightless sky
To wander



Nine in the morning not
A decent time to wake
Think of all the dreams
Gone to waste & what’s
So important can’t wait
‘Til afternoon another
Day old cup of coffee
Another mediocre poem
Maybe today’s different
Maybe this is the dream
If that’s the case then it
Is time to wake up it’s
Started to snow & now
I got to go outside &
Shovel I’m committed
& no mistake once a
Dream’s spent there’s
No return & no deposit
No pawn ticket to ex
Change just another
Fragile whisper falling
On deaf ears


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Business goes out
Of order & buildings
Abandon but it don't
Stop ‘em tearing up
Olden trees for new
Construction recently
Misplaced of deer &
Squadrons of geese
While ugly continues
Rising uglier like a
Faulty gene killing all
In its path leaving the
Dead to deal with the
Dead & the quick to
Renegotiate an


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


No matter how much
Time’s spent feeding
The masses words
Mired in flour &
Molasses struggling
To sweeten the deal
Like sending smoke
Signals to God
Creates its own
Stench it’s not how
Much you’re paid
But what you urn


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I’m ready to meet my maker
To become unmade falling
Apart at the seams like a
Long way down from grace
Without a trace of suspicion
I can’t hardly close my eyes
Without seeing what’s got
Me nailed dead to rights &
Left me digging in a pocket
Full of dirt & stones & all I
Wanted was ashes to ashes
Dust to dust now my mettle
Has started to rust one flake
At a time crumbled of faith
& doused of flame looking
For the sunny side up & a
Good cup of coffee


Monday, January 2, 2012


Placed your picture
In a frame behind
Glass unfortunately
Part of the painting
Is now stuck to the
Frozen sand & needs
Be positioned exactly
So the piece comes
Together in constant
Alteration & it makes
More sense this way
Makes me liable for
My indiscretion faux
Pas'd before the law
Of perception duly
Judged & sentenced
To a life lived in the
Presence of your


(for Michael Welch
Happy New Year
wherever you are)