Monday, June 11, 2012


Life tries to pull me back
Tries to drag me down in
To that which I’ve recently
Escaped painting pretty
Pictures with withered paint
Ain’t nothin’ I can relate
To I’ve shed that skin &
I’m walkin’ on two feet
Like a real human being
Breathin’ the air of freedom
One last time before I go
Exhalin’ pollutants of the
Past the fantasies of some
One else weren’t never
Mine now I got the time
& money never mattered
At all long as I had it


Friday, June 1, 2012


Traveling to an island
Without palm trees or
Bikinis without surfing
Or coconut oil too damn
Cold this last day of May
In the middle of Lake Erie
With a wind out of the north
Washing over the sides of
The ferry bringing tears to
Our eyes like a recollection
Smells in this realm of golf
Carts & weekend sailors
& some irrelevant music
Belching from an Irish bar
Only the history’s authentic
Stored in a closed down
Monument still waiting for
Repairs yet we managed
To entertain ourselves in
Spite of every obstacle a
Castaway day provides
Good company creates
Its own weather & laughs
Maniacally into the wind

(for Ian)