Friday, September 21, 2012


Light reflects off the wet street
In almost perfect lines derived
From every lamp atop each
Individual post in each perfectly
Manicured yard darkness can
Not harm us here on this street
We have illumination to protect
Us & train whistles coming at
Irregular times to ward off the
Ghosts & goblins of intrusion
We have dogs that bark to warn
Us of any miscreants foolish
Enough to cross the perimeter
& some even have alarms &
Yet none of us truly feel safe
Sometimes lights seem to go
Out of their own accord &
Sometimes fog rolls down the
Street to swallow us & render
Us powerless & sometimes
We fall asleep & dream a
Dream that never ends


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Eruptions in the dirt
Explosions in the sun
The rain evaporates
Into dust carries on the
Wind covering the good
With the bad preceding
The darkness of a day
Long night of a night’s
Long torment that walks
The desolate floors &
Moans silently so as
Not to wake the fear
That haunts our dreams
With the things no one
Understands or dares
Look in the face every
Breath a hollow labor
That tires & exhausts
Our meager reserves
That helps to endure
An irrational curiosity
Makes us sweat in
Our sleep twitchin’ in
The throws of an un
Common desire


Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little prick

The building’s all crumbled like
A wedding cake left too long in
The glare of divorce it’s lost in
Remorse divested of appetite
& wonder but the shadow is
Still there in a shape redolent
Of better days before all the
Neglect & misunderstanding
‘Cause time’s nothing but a
Bubble encasing all existence
In a never changing routine &
All it takes is a tiny insistence
To raise us up from the dead