Sunday, December 30, 2012


Wheat fields & corn
Fields intersected &
Bisected by telephone
Lines & railroad tracks
Framed by culverts &
Dirt roads surveyed by
Crow black shadows
Under a benevolent
Sky of rain & sun &
Usually enough so’s
To stave off hunger
For another year or
The ravings of the
Local lunatic brayin’
About the end of the
World according to
Some ancient calendar
Nobody understands
Or gives 2 shits about
Long as there’s gas in
The machinery & the
Well holds water the
Apocalypse can
Fend for itself


Sunday, December 23, 2012


Still writing about
Places I’ve never
Been prairies I’ve
Never sailed seas
I’ve never walked
Upon not that I
Could I’m not that
Good a fisherman
I’m the one usually
Gets caught in
The bloody net
Daydreaming of a
Way out looking
At the world thru
Tiny windows of


Friday, December 21, 2012


The stone feels
Hard cool to touch
Almost eternal
If not for time &
Elements weighing
No more than ice
On the lake yet
Hardly buoyant
Sinking in the muck
Slowly slipping its
Moorings one day
Surpassing what
Lies buried beneath
Sharing its story
With the roots &
The worms finally
Poking thru the
Crust on the ass
End of the world
To exclamations
& reverberations
& maybe a touch
Of sadness for
What once was
Writ upon & now
Become illegible
Becomes itself
Once again


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Once upon a time

Used to have an apartment
So much happened there
That nothin’ ever did just
Layin’ about gettin’ wasted
Laughin’ about nothin’ like
A bunch of lunatics in a
Crazy house pissin’ on the
Walls scarin’ the neighbors
Sometimes scarin’ ourselves
Now I sit in my comfortable
Home watchin’ people walk
Their dogs water their lawn
Worryin’ about shit don’t
Matter to stave off the shit
That does & I’m drinkin’ day
Old coffee to keep my edge
‘Cause I know I’m losin’ it
Whatever once I thought I
Had a little at a time like a
Faucet’s drip keeping time
To a song I can’t get outa
My head still crazy after
All these years


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh holy night

Sitting in a room with one
Window a back room in any
Low hotel or derelict shack
The light leaks out drowning
Illumination ‘midst a chorus
Of restless souls bewailing
Release from a world that’s
Lost its salvation accepting
A price not worthy of the
Sin the night clamors for a
Reckoning tapping at the
Window like a story not yet
Written but well-read as a
Bright star wanders a winter
Sky trailing wishes misting
The earth in golden fire
Burning sleep from eyes
& pain from hearts gone
Reckless with regret &
Cold with intent lying on
An unmade bed