Thursday, December 26, 2013

Clouds II

Looking at shades
& shadows
Tints & tinctures
Open expanses of
Colors overlapping
Going out of & into
Passing thru like
Insubstantial entities
The sun explores
Each one as an
X-ray taken of a
Translucent body
Absent of organ
Or bone only pure
Thought or emotion
Floating in time
To an unspoken
Rhythm oblivious
Amongst turmoil
Out of touch
Until finally
Out of sight



Too simple to
Grasp the

Too old to
This new

Lost my edge
Lost the spark

It’s getting

Where’s my

Damn it


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Sitting in the dark of
Another powerless
Morning the electric
Drone is noticeably
Absent as all other
Sounds are muffled
Outside the window
Rain is drumming on
The road while the
Wind claws at our
House as if seeking
A secret way in the
Fire’s been lit in the
Fireplace & now hot
Water’s whistling on
The stove / it’s fast
Approaching dawn &
I’ll soon dowse the
Candles / lately I’ve
Been reading from
An old book & yet
The words sound a
Bit different in my
Head this morning
As if desperate to be
Understood at the
Dawn of revelation
Where the sun also
Rises even in this
Unquiet darkness


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tabula Rasa*

The violins sound
Like the strain of angel wings
Vying for balance


*by Arvo Part

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The clouds are building
Like architects devouring
All within their path


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Services rendered

For one split second
Her facial expression
Flickered like light
Reflecting off water
I had never witnessed
Phenomena such
As this as if another’s
Face were temporarily
Superimposed over
Hers & this thought
Burst within me as an
Emotional revelation
Without any adequate
Description exposed
& then gone & I knew
I would never receive
Such a gift again yet
I wondered if she was
Even aware of what
Had been given as
She went about her
Business I wondered
If anyone else would
Ever notice or tip


Friday, November 15, 2013

The potter

The frozen tracks
Leave erratic trails
In the ruined snow
Like a dog chasing
Its own tail going
Nowhere & every
Where & all at the
Same time unlike
In size & shape
Some blurred in
Haste while others
Remain in obvious
Hesitation maybe
Tomorrow’s snow
Will melt revealing
Muddied prints of
An unconscious
Routine malleable
As a fortnight’s
Dream awaiting
Only the firing of


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Rain drops paint a
Window like a tear
Drop does a cheek
They cloud my point
Of view distort my
Right of way sitting
In this room marking
Time on blank sheets
Of paper once were
Tall trees stripped
Of anonymity bereft
Of a life swept up on
A saw dusted floor
Nothing comes of
Nothing sacrificed
On a querulous altar
Held together with
Wax & words slightly
Scented with sweat
& decay ‘cause old
Keeps getting older
& the news is never
Good just another
Day in the rain with
Out an umbrella &
A pen that’s lost
All its ink standing
On a corner trying
To write my way
Home while cars
Splash puddles
Of yesterday’s


Thursday, September 26, 2013


My hands smell of
Melted wax the air

Is thick with snuffed
Smoke light flickers

With every breath
While fresh splayed

Wounds groan under
The weight of words

Left too long on the

Tongue dripped of
All sentiment &


Sunday, September 22, 2013


Why do you insist
Against yourself
Why do you try so
Hard talk so loud
Tell bad jokes so
Badly ignoring the
Quiet of sufferance
Listen to the words
You tell yourself
For ignorance is a
Thing to be kept
Inside a closed
Mouth not revealed
By a slavering mood
Quench your thirst
Gently & savor the
Bitter truth for that
Which you see did
Not write this poem
That which you
Taste did


Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today the sky’s
A uniform grey
All of one shade
In a world of so
Many variables
How is this even
Possible how can
Anything be all of
One color when
Tomorrow the
Sky may be the
Muddle of an oil
Spilt puddle it’s
As if God has
Painted himself
Into a corner
Drawing a



While heat phantoms slow
Burn the left overs of God
On a grille of tar & concrete
An anonymous machine
Paints a white line down
The center of the highway
As a distraction amidst the
Great expanse of nothing
So / turning a bloodshot eye
Against the tedious glare
I watch the road dissolving
Up ahead into a message
Hung from a rusted chain
(a clean bed & a hot cup
of coffee would be nice)
Yet resign myself to the
Occasional current of sad
Inevitability & wonder at
The relevance of this



Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Looking out the attic
Window at sunshine
& flowers / clouds &
Birds flying / I feel
Like flying / leaping
Into the wind as a
Silhouette against
The brightness an
Agent of freedom
Sorely tempted &
Tried ascending in
To the landscape
Of sun unnoticed
By all momentarily
Stunned of purpose
I return myself back
Into this room into
This life finding a
Path thru the cob
Webs & dust & the
Discarded artifacts
Of existence finally
Descending the mis
Aligned stairs only
To land safe in my
Own shoes & yet
What is this glass
That shatters the


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Visionary Song

Talking to the serpent
Speaking in tongues
Listening to angels
Swimming in the blood
Of an Old Testament

Afternoon / is nothing
New under the sun /
Just an old man in
The corner thinking
Of what he’s become

Trying to untangle all
The fingers pointing
Blame sifting thru a
Miracle discarded in
The rain

Drawing crosses in
The mud crucifying
All the hurt collects in
A broken bottle dis
Carded in the dirt


The dead

Breaking bread in the
Morning communing with what’s
Still living inside


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


... a young man can’t
Make up his mind over
Matters of an uncertain
Nature / searching be
Tween the glossy rocks
& previous vegetation
Unconsciously whistling
Some esoteric tune
Waiting for the fossil
To appear to verify a
Previous existence
When even a rusty bit
Of antique machinery
Or spent condom pro
Vides proof that he is
Not alone as the sun
Sinks below the water
The tide runs out then
Limps back in erasing
Unseen worlds that
Smell of the secrets
Brooding in the blood
Of a young man can’t
Make up his mind…


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The procession wanders
Past our house in slow
Confusion like a revenant
Seeking out asylum or
An avenue of escape it
Meanders down one side
Street then reappears on
Another heading in our
Direction discovering the
Only way out is the same
Way in sorely perplexed
Of any explanation we
Solemnly watch until the
Last vehicle has gone
Purple flags unfurling in
The wind as if a somber
Farewell to the tenants
Of another gothic day


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Octopi squat on the dusty
Floor protruding cables &
Plugs housing an electrical
Discharge reanimating the
Inanimate creating its own
Mythos somehow crawling
Underfoot unharmed & un
Noticed never realized of
Potential yet necessary
To our needs gorging on
Energy redirecting the
Impulses interweaving
Our lives / inseparable /
'Til science fiction has
Become science fact &
We are left talking to
Echoes about the
Monsters we have

*for H. P. L.



Observing life from a
Side show perspective
Sneaking underneath
The tent can’t always
Afford the price of
Admission can’t hardly
Remember what I’m
Trying to forget & I’m
Not the only one left
Fidgeting in the dark
Still waiting for the
Bearded lady to sing
For that one moment
Of clarity there ‘midst
The smoke & mirrors
& tattooed amateurs
Still waiting for some
Answer to a mystery
Few can abide when
The veil’s finally lifted
& wonder fills my eyes
It’s only imagination
That rattles an empty
Cage yet it was well
Worth the price of
Any deception for
Now I know I’m


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liquid horizon

Standing on the cliff
Looking for the land
Beyond the earth’s

Curve convinced
Such a place exists
One moment rising

Upon a frothy wave
The next swallowed
By the shallowest of

Lakes sucked back
Into the bitter sweet
Canadian mist



Observing flesh like
Receptacles filled with
Blue plasma attaching
Mechanisms of organic
Concoction connecting
Fibrous cables inserting
An earthen ingredient
Silently as technicians
Disengage malevolent
Obstructions from the
Dilated opening oiling
All the rotating wheels
Rewinding all the gears
That spin like stars in
A bulb of glass linking
Filament to fundament
Igniting the spark
Of life


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The myth

A fish ignorant of any
Reflection swims in
Circles breathing its
Own direction forever
Like a vampire sucking
A depleted vein honing
Its teeth on a blunted
Stone awaiting clarity
To appear in a muck
Raked mirror with out
Any visible means of
Support incapable of


Friday, August 16, 2013


A shadow tree adorns the wall
Sinks into the plaster almost
Fully absorbs into it becomes
An integral part of it only to be
Released when the curtain is
Pulled shut & its existence
Erased nothing can be more
Fully obliterated than a thing
Which leads an ephemeral
Life like an accident waiting
To happen preventable yet
Extremely probable just as
The prospect of tomorrow
Unless tomorrow finds you
Hanging from a shadow tree
On the wall draped in a
Feckless curtain


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Organ music fills the church
Escapes into the night songs
Of death & resurrection of
A melancholy faith betrayed
Of uncertain hallucinations
The light projects thru blood
Soiled glass as wind raked
Leaves scurry past & pasted
Against stone walls inciting
Spirits evocative of fall the
Ground lies littered with last
Season’s potpourri & hints
Of an autumn yet to be too
Early arriving on a mid
Summer’s eve


Red Hue

Jackboots splash puddles
In camouflage garb & a
Hard headed hat hoping
For something to happen
Maybe a butterfly trail thru
A neon sky or a sink hole
To sink into & climb out of

Anything to break up a dull
Day looking one way then
Another before crossing a
One way street it’s only a
Matter of time before the
Mischief appears in a
Life under the influence

Of another


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The craft

Rusted shut the weld complete
Left nothing to disturb sound
Ignores the sacred space w/out
Any wind to ripple vanity’s pool
As water becomes stagnant &
Congealed chains weave the iron
Gate like molten ivy grown cold
The final notice solidified lies
Suspended in some altered state
& all the footsteps enter while
None return the work has come
Undone the work not yet begun
The stones have rearranged
Aligned as befits their shape
Curves have now made straight
The walls that once surround
& all the garden’s sterilized so
None need ever speak again &
None need ever listen to the
Flowers fallen out of bloom
With petals corroded & quiet
Spreads like shadows of time
Gaining on the past & all that
Once was beautiful have now
Pitted into their bones & all
That once incited flesh now out
Lawed of their own excess who
Once were aroused by liquid
Poems have awakened into
An indifferent night



Something somewhere
In the midst of night a
Train whistle or earth
Bound bird the whir of
An electric fan lazily
Spinning in a window
Who can recognize the
Voice of God ‘midst the
Dissonance of midnight
A faint whisper drowned
In a pool of subliminal
Thought would it have
Registered as a dream
Or nightmare a kindly
Probe or wicked nudge
That wakens me from
An unsound sleep the
Night looks unfamiliar
& smells of myrrh &
Frankincense what
Child is this…



Hiding behind a cloud
Stranded in the rain the
Air is uncompromised
Watching between the
Bars of a liquid barrier
Surrounded by sound
Pinned to this spot on
A map like some alien
Specimen unnoticed
Amidst the lightning in
A world such as this
To finally understand
Only if miracles such
As these exist then
These shall suffice
To sustain the note
That sheds a tear


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It’s hard to write in a place
Without history without the
Moaning or creaking of any
Ghosts descending the stair
Case or pacing the unspoiled
Floorboards where violence
Or tragedy is conspicuously
Absent amidst the silence of
That which is yet to occur the
Words of those yet to speak
In a white washed memory of
New born echoes everything
Seems slightly out of plumb
Without a guide to measure
Or a precedent to compare
Yet every now & then I do
Detect the slightest hint of
Mystery like dust particles
Waiting to collide


Monday, July 1, 2013

Red sky

After the hatches
Have been battened unaware
The sea is becalmed


Saturday, June 29, 2013


Acidic rain scores
The glass with temporary
Scars of foreboding


Thursday, June 13, 2013

W/out a net

Fish out of water
Fakir at the end of his
Rope dangles in space


Saturday, May 25, 2013

The shakes

Gloom settles like mercury
In a vile of clear liquid not as
An indicator of temperament
But as a precursor a herald
Of an event whether passive
Or aggressive it is confident
That something is about its
Business an interruption of
Normalcy of that which has
Taken for granted as being
So is of vague consequence
A tiny wisp of dust afloat in
A wayward ray of sunlight a
Singular insignificance & yet
The body reacts & the mind
Becomes sensitive to every
Modulation of sound every
Shift in atmosphere the day
Has become interesting as
If the Grand Interrogator
Approaches / listen to the
Rustic rattle of bones the
Metallic clang as the moon
Shuts down & darkness
Melts like chocolate in a
Child’s warm hand


Monday, April 29, 2013

Rock wave

Plummeting landslide
Shed of pretense or any
Obstacle resolved


Friday, April 26, 2013

The ceremony begins

Morning music awakens
Sounds drift in & out of
Consciousness inserting
Themselves amongst
The unintentional it is
Too soon for magic but
I have no say in this I
Haven’t any opinion or
Rights of declaration
Only a debt to the world
Happening around me
To observe & take note
Of what happens un
Impeded by thought
Unadulterated by any
Emotion the melody is
Strange yet the intent
Is apparent my hands
Splayed open like a
Book to a familiar page
& I must not be afraid
Of the message written
There amongst the lines
For it is my own fortune
& it is for my own sake
That I understand as
The music fades & my
Eyes are opened to
Another morning




Time hangs
On my wall
A clock
A calendar
A mirror
Maybe I
Should hang
A painting



Science fiction scenarios
Inspired by electronic
Movements the repetitive
Pulses & drones traveling
Between the spaces
Dropping into darkness
Climbing thru light shifting
Like an irregular heartbeat
Or a dream machine left
To its own devices giddily
Spinning out of control &
No one left to stop it all
The words have been cut
& repurposed merging in
To one image ‘round &
‘Round ‘til I hear angels
Singing requiems for the
Living & madrigals for
The dead


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Standing in the church
On the verge of tears
While unobserved the
Veiled corners swirled
Within the darkness of
Saints & the songs of
Sinners echoing inside
Me like the tide can’t
Make up its mind is it
Dawn or dusk
Moon or sun
The light ever-present
& knelt unobserved
Amidst our collective
Communion & bade
Me never forget you
Asked how I was &
I was at peace & you
Smiled & I smiled as
The light enveloped
Us & remembered


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music I

I hear classical music &
I think of stone buildings
Like a museum maybe a
Church or a mausoleum
Maybe some place where
Old is stored whether a
Body or an idea or belief
I imagine the sweet hint
Of flowers & an ecstatic
Mourning overcomes me
Just until this music is
Over & I wish that I had
Written something so I
Could still hear it in my
Head feel it in my heart
Slipping away from me
One beat at a time


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A prostitute must attend
The possibility of uncertain
Behavior with strangers or
Entertain perilous thoughts
Preceding the transaction
She must have questions
Affecting her performance
Caught between a rock &
A hard place yet not of her
Choice Lord but yours to
Watch over her or merely
Turn the other cheek is
There some sort of script
Or is it all left to instinct &
Improvisation involuntarily
Reacting to an anomalous
Profession a confession
Of the sick & dirty of the
Perverted & desperate no
One ever said it was other
An egregious arrangement
To be sure but does any
One ever imagine her as
Pretty or lonely amidst
Even such company as
This does anyone ever
Imagine her at all



He paints a life
& steps back too
Afraid to become
A part it drips in
Place & forms a
Mad world only he
Really knows the
Moment resides in
The brush every
Hedonistic stroke
Gliding along the
Color covets what’s
Relinquished for
The sake of a coin
He's nailed to the
Pale wall brilliant
As consecrated
Blood pressured
From the vein


Sunday, March 3, 2013


Looking at skulls the
Hollowed out vessels
Of ancient civilizations
Just small parts of the
Puzzled skeleton remains
Left without brains or
Any faculty to measure
The days spent in quiet
Repose buried in semi
Tranquil supposition ‘til
Progress has need of the
Space science requires
The clues of an illiterate
Decomposition written
In litter & waste tracing
Invention to its source
Looking for the mother


Saturday, March 2, 2013


Living with scruples is an un
Easy truce gleaning substance
From the shadows becomes a
Nagging existence a witness
To things done in the darkness
As well as those visible in the
Light living within an anxious
Mood sharing olden secrets
Splayed open like unraveled
Nerves susceptible to every
Influence & atmosphere to
The words spoken & those
That get swallowed choked
Down with bitter medicines
To help abide the things that
Never dissipate or dissolve
Peeking around curtains of
Moon illuminating snow
Reflecting the cold


Friday, January 25, 2013

optical delusion

Water in a blue
Bowl looks like an empty bowl
Invisibly wet



Who’s standing behind
Me out of the corner of
My left eye disquieting
Attention like a signal
Trespass of reception
Fading in fading out
Bleeding one pretext
Into the next deceived
Of all perspective yet
Listening between the
Sounds observing an
Empty space expelled
From the void forged
Of aspect in the image
Of familiarity remains
As fleetingly akin to
Me as some revenant
Unknown to itself
& unrelenting


Thursday, January 17, 2013


There’s a knock at
The door & no one
There staring off in
The distance like a
Blind date looking
For an out going
Thru the emotions
Polite to no avail
Unable to escape
The agony turning
Wine into water
Losing sight of a
System mapped
Out so long ago
Of an objective
Rejected buried
Beneath the


Monday, January 14, 2013


Hope dies in this building
Like a lesson that’s never
Learned mispronounced
Of action & result staring
Into the eyes of abandon
Listening for the joy that
Hardly comes but once in
The midst of a calamitous
Shriek & drowns out too
Quickly of its own accord
Searching for the door &
The prospects of a silent
Journey home reflecting
On the abuse of reason


Thursday, January 10, 2013

W/out remorse

Dreaming of music
Of serenity amidst
The blood of beasts
& pain of speaking
Calmly from within
The jaws of death
& the myriad colors
Of hands pressing
Against water inter
Mingling with eyes
Staring & emotions
Gaping wide from
Relative mouths the
Funereal presence
Of all mortality in a
Perilous embrace
& the fluidity of