Saturday, May 25, 2013

The shakes

Gloom settles like mercury
In a vile of clear liquid not as
An indicator of temperament
But as a precursor a herald
Of an event whether passive
Or aggressive it is confident
That something is about its
Business an interruption of
Normalcy of that which has
Taken for granted as being
So is of vague consequence
A tiny wisp of dust afloat in
A wayward ray of sunlight a
Singular insignificance & yet
The body reacts & the mind
Becomes sensitive to every
Modulation of sound every
Shift in atmosphere the day
Has become interesting as
If the Grand Interrogator
Approaches / listen to the
Rustic rattle of bones the
Metallic clang as the moon
Shuts down & darkness
Melts like chocolate in a
Child’s warm hand


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