Wednesday, August 28, 2013


... a young man can’t
Make up his mind over
Matters of an uncertain
Nature / searching be
Tween the glossy rocks
& previous vegetation
Unconsciously whistling
Some esoteric tune
Waiting for the fossil
To appear to verify a
Previous existence
When even a rusty bit
Of antique machinery
Or spent condom pro
Vides proof that he is
Not alone as the sun
Sinks below the water
The tide runs out then
Limps back in erasing
Unseen worlds that
Smell of the secrets
Brooding in the blood
Of a young man can’t
Make up his mind…


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The procession wanders
Past our house in slow
Confusion like a revenant
Seeking out asylum or
An avenue of escape it
Meanders down one side
Street then reappears on
Another heading in our
Direction discovering the
Only way out is the same
Way in sorely perplexed
Of any explanation we
Solemnly watch until the
Last vehicle has gone
Purple flags unfurling in
The wind as if a somber
Farewell to the tenants
Of another gothic day


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Octopi squat on the dusty
Floor protruding cables &
Plugs housing an electrical
Discharge reanimating the
Inanimate creating its own
Mythos somehow crawling
Underfoot unharmed & un
Noticed never realized of
Potential yet necessary
To our needs gorging on
Energy redirecting the
Impulses interweaving
Our lives / inseparable /
'Til science fiction has
Become science fact &
We are left talking to
Echoes about the
Monsters we have

*for H. P. L.



Observing life from a
Side show perspective
Sneaking underneath
The tent can’t always
Afford the price of
Admission can’t hardly
Remember what I’m
Trying to forget & I’m
Not the only one left
Fidgeting in the dark
Still waiting for the
Bearded lady to sing
For that one moment
Of clarity there ‘midst
The smoke & mirrors
& tattooed amateurs
Still waiting for some
Answer to a mystery
Few can abide when
The veil’s finally lifted
& wonder fills my eyes
It’s only imagination
That rattles an empty
Cage yet it was well
Worth the price of
Any deception for
Now I know I’m


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liquid horizon

Standing on the cliff
Looking for the land
Beyond the earth’s

Curve convinced
Such a place exists
One moment rising

Upon a frothy wave
The next swallowed
By the shallowest of

Lakes sucked back
Into the bitter sweet
Canadian mist



Observing flesh like
Receptacles filled with
Blue plasma attaching
Mechanisms of organic
Concoction connecting
Fibrous cables inserting
An earthen ingredient
Silently as technicians
Disengage malevolent
Obstructions from the
Dilated opening oiling
All the rotating wheels
Rewinding all the gears
That spin like stars in
A bulb of glass linking
Filament to fundament
Igniting the spark
Of life


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The myth

A fish ignorant of any
Reflection swims in
Circles breathing its
Own direction forever
Like a vampire sucking
A depleted vein honing
Its teeth on a blunted
Stone awaiting clarity
To appear in a muck
Raked mirror with out
Any visible means of
Support incapable of


Friday, August 16, 2013


A shadow tree adorns the wall
Sinks into the plaster almost
Fully absorbs into it becomes
An integral part of it only to be
Released when the curtain is
Pulled shut & its existence
Erased nothing can be more
Fully obliterated than a thing
Which leads an ephemeral
Life like an accident waiting
To happen preventable yet
Extremely probable just as
The prospect of tomorrow
Unless tomorrow finds you
Hanging from a shadow tree
On the wall draped in a
Feckless curtain


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Organ music fills the church
Escapes into the night songs
Of death & resurrection of
A melancholy faith betrayed
Of uncertain hallucinations
The light projects thru blood
Soiled glass as wind raked
Leaves scurry past & pasted
Against stone walls inciting
Spirits evocative of fall the
Ground lies littered with last
Season’s potpourri & hints
Of an autumn yet to be too
Early arriving on a mid
Summer’s eve


Red Hue

Jackboots splash puddles
In camouflage garb & a
Hard headed hat hoping
For something to happen
Maybe a butterfly trail thru
A neon sky or a sink hole
To sink into & climb out of

Anything to break up a dull
Day looking one way then
Another before crossing a
One way street it’s only a
Matter of time before the
Mischief appears in a
Life under the influence

Of another


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The craft

Rusted shut the weld complete
Left nothing to disturb sound
Ignores the sacred space w/out
Any wind to ripple vanity’s pool
As water becomes stagnant &
Congealed chains weave the iron
Gate like molten ivy grown cold
The final notice solidified lies
Suspended in some altered state
& all the footsteps enter while
None return the work has come
Undone the work not yet begun
The stones have rearranged
Aligned as befits their shape
Curves have now made straight
The walls that once surround
& all the garden’s sterilized so
None need ever speak again &
None need ever listen to the
Flowers fallen out of bloom
With petals corroded & quiet
Spreads like shadows of time
Gaining on the past & all that
Once was beautiful have now
Pitted into their bones & all
That once incited flesh now out
Lawed of their own excess who
Once were aroused by liquid
Poems have awakened into
An indifferent night



Something somewhere
In the midst of night a
Train whistle or earth
Bound bird the whir of
An electric fan lazily
Spinning in a window
Who can recognize the
Voice of God ‘midst the
Dissonance of midnight
A faint whisper drowned
In a pool of subliminal
Thought would it have
Registered as a dream
Or nightmare a kindly
Probe or wicked nudge
That wakens me from
An unsound sleep the
Night looks unfamiliar
& smells of myrrh &
Frankincense what
Child is this…



Hiding behind a cloud
Stranded in the rain the
Air is uncompromised
Watching between the
Bars of a liquid barrier
Surrounded by sound
Pinned to this spot on
A map like some alien
Specimen unnoticed
Amidst the lightning in
A world such as this
To finally understand
Only if miracles such
As these exist then
These shall suffice
To sustain the note
That sheds a tear