Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The craft

Rusted shut the weld complete
Left nothing to disturb sound
Ignores the sacred space w/out
Any wind to ripple vanity’s pool
As water becomes stagnant &
Congealed chains weave the iron
Gate like molten ivy grown cold
The final notice solidified lies
Suspended in some altered state
& all the footsteps enter while
None return the work has come
Undone the work not yet begun
The stones have rearranged
Aligned as befits their shape
Curves have now made straight
The walls that once surround
& all the garden’s sterilized so
None need ever speak again &
None need ever listen to the
Flowers fallen out of bloom
With petals corroded & quiet
Spreads like shadows of time
Gaining on the past & all that
Once was beautiful have now
Pitted into their bones & all
That once incited flesh now out
Lawed of their own excess who
Once were aroused by liquid
Poems have awakened into
An indifferent night


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