Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Services rendered

For one split second
Her facial expression
Flickered like light
Reflecting off water
I had never witnessed
Phenomena such
As this as if another’s
Face were temporarily
Superimposed over
Hers & this thought
Burst within me as an
Emotional revelation
Without any adequate
Description exposed
& then gone & I knew
I would never receive
Such a gift again yet
I wondered if she was
Even aware of what
Had been given as
She went about her
Business I wondered
If anyone else would
Ever notice or tip


Friday, November 15, 2013

The potter

The frozen tracks
Leave erratic trails
In the ruined snow
Like a dog chasing
Its own tail going
Nowhere & every
Where & all at the
Same time unlike
In size & shape
Some blurred in
Haste while others
Remain in obvious
Hesitation maybe
Tomorrow’s snow
Will melt revealing
Muddied prints of
An unconscious
Routine malleable
As a fortnight’s
Dream awaiting
Only the firing of