Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I had a thought so
Dark I could not see

Like a fly trapped in
Syrup that oozes in

My head fed by age
& inclination turning

My blood to amber
& my breath to sky


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Angels' Mercy

The iron door cringes at
The creak of hinges old
Beyond time flattened
Against the wall hangs
A pall heavy of regret
Yet light in the memory
Of mirrors swirling in
Random patterns long
Divested of any divine
Reflection / from an
Open window comes
The rush of escaped


Thursday, December 18, 2014


Cracks in the old wood
Cuts the possibility
Into can or not


Stones Bones & Sign

Down a limestone path
Littered w/horse excreta
Reduced to their original
Elements by the weather
(oats hay & such)
Observed an aeroplane
Circling overhead like a
Bird of prey while the dog
Strayed from the path to
Smell all the distracting
Scents left amidst the
Leaves bones & grass
Crossed a bridge over a
Nameless creek slithering
‘Round the moss covered
Rocks rooted in drift silt
& time
Noted some cryptic signs
Nailed to the trees w/out
Any words written upon
To pronounce judgment
Of innocence or guilt
Christmas just a few
Days away the solstice
Hovers mysterious &


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Golden Showers

Rain’s comin’ down like
God’s really pissed & he ain’t
Even drinkin’ yet



Sleep deprived the week end
Kicks in 24 hours becomes
Even more stomach hurting
Jaw come unhinged with too
Much laughter too much to
Gather in one week end one
Space in time gone & never
Heard from again the speed
Of sound gone underground
Forever obscured by sadness
Lost amongst the echoes of
Madness digging a hole that
Can never be back filled


Thursday, July 24, 2014

To be...

Hands constant bleeding
Wielding a dull ax to
Grind into submission
Sweating exertion
Belly bloated with beer
Body bloated with pain
& memory dripping on
To the page painting
Rorschach pictures of
Inadvertent psychology
Everyone laughs
Everyone cries every
Paragraph sentence
Letter an emotional
Atonement for a world
He would not miss yet
Would miss him

…or not too much


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Good as it gets

Itinerant spirits haunt the streets
Dead to a past they can’t forget
Drinkin’ themselves into another
State that looks a lot like what they
Left behind & sometimes there’s
Creatures look like animals like a
Dog or a cat holdin’ out for a hand
Out when jobs is scarce it’s always
Innocence that suffers you know
You’re poor when you don’t get no
Mail & no phone call ‘cause you
Ain’t got an address or number just
A cot for the night if you’re lucky a
Doorway in the shadows if you ain’t
& I don’t really know what it’s like
To walk a mile in their shoes full of
Holes w/out socks & I imagine the
Worse I’ve ever suffered is a good
Day to them cryin’ in a fancy beer
They can’t afford listenin’ to sad
Songs on a radio when all they
Hear is a cold wind echoed inside
An empty bottle down some alley
Passed out of one lost dream in
To another & neither version as
Good as it gets


Thursday, February 27, 2014


The stone is broken
Shattered into pieces
Dry as a bone all alone
& speechless rasping
Last gasps of purpose
Into the silent & arid land
Of a mirage that once
Was solidified now floats
Weightless defying gravity
Caught in the thermal
Wind of summer dreams
Turned to dust & sand
Powdering the planet
Like the face of a clown
Absent of frown / spent
Of all tears & all fears
Shrunken & scattered
Happy at last / free


Monday, January 20, 2014

View from...

...a dead tree

Skeletal faced under
A black laced veil
Billowing in the
Breeze of fetid breath
Like a bad batch
Belched from some
Bootlegged still
Resolute on the path
Of stones & alone an
Ancient crone caws
For its pound of
Flesh clawed from
The dirt with blue
Veined hands &
Rusted nails she
Stares into the maw
Of an unseasoned
Grave & faintly
Heard to mutter

‘So long you son of
a bitch.’

& clumsily turns to
Leave before tears
Turn her memories
To muck & her
Resolve to ruin