Sunday, April 13, 2014

Good as it gets

Itinerant spirits haunt the streets
Dead to a past they can’t forget
Drinkin’ themselves into another
State that looks a lot like what they
Left behind & sometimes there’s
Creatures look like animals like a
Dog or a cat holdin’ out for a hand
Out when jobs is scarce it’s always
Innocence that suffers you know
You’re poor when you don’t get no
Mail & no phone call ‘cause you
Ain’t got an address or number just
A cot for the night if you’re lucky a
Doorway in the shadows if you ain’t
& I don’t really know what it’s like
To walk a mile in their shoes full of
Holes w/out socks & I imagine the
Worse I’ve ever suffered is a good
Day to them cryin’ in a fancy beer
They can’t afford listenin’ to sad
Songs on a radio when all they
Hear is a cold wind echoed inside
An empty bottle down some alley
Passed out of one lost dream in
To another & neither version as
Good as it gets